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End of Year Tax Planning

Tax planning at the end of the year is important.

Adding Automated Patient Emails for Your Injury Patients

Adding automated patient emails for your injury patients is a great way to grow your injury practice.

The Importance of The Croft Treatment Guidelines

This short podcast will go over the importance of the Croft Treatment Guidelines.

The Benefits of Excessive Motion Testing For NON-DISC Spinal Ligament Injuries

This podcast will go over the benefits of spinal ligament Injury testing.

Confidence is a Key Ingredient with Success

Confidence and certainty play a major role in anyone's success.

The Importance of a Good Coach

This podcast will go over the importance of a good coach in the personal injury space.

Getting More New Patient Referrals From Your X-ray Procedures

I am going to show you how to reframe your communications in order to get more referrals.

System Are More Important Than Individual or Professional Skill

This program will go over the importance of systems.

You Are As Valuable To Your Market As You Are Known

Most practices do not have to worry about getting very unique with your marketing, as ANY marketing will get you more known.

Getting More Injury Patient Referrals with Your Examination Procedures

This episode will explore how you can get more done, and get more referrals with your examination procedures.

Getting Referrals with Your Injury Consultation

This is a short episode that will speak about getting injury referrals with your new injury patient consultations.

How to Get a MD or Attorney Meeting

This episode will go through the ease of setting up an appointment with and medical doctor or an attorney.

Depositions Are Incredibly Fun

Some Doctors dread deposition. You should be conquering the courtrooms!

What is Advertising?

The Episode on Force Multipliers

How do you Follow-Up after your First Case?

You just settled your first case with a new attorney... how should you follow up?

Your First Attorney Meeting

How to handle your first attorney meeting.

Do you Follow-Up with Your Patients?

Growing your practice in an organic manner.

What Makes you Unique?

What are you going to present to the market that makes you different?

If You're not Having Fun then You're Doing Something Wrong

The title says it all for this episode!

The Episode on Follow-Up

In this episode I dive into follow-up. I tell you exactly what follow-up is and how you can go about conducting productive follow-up. The best part about follow-up is that if you'll just do it, you'll rise above your competitors because chances are, they're not following up.

Why you Should get your Ligament Testing Done Outside of your Clinic

In this episode I cover a few reasons why it is so beneficial to have a third party run your excessive motion testing for spinal ligament injuries.

The Non-Disc Ligament Injury Can't be Seen

Diagnosing the non-disc spinal ligament injury is a measured phenomena not a sight phenomena. In order to accurately diagnose the area and severity of this injury you need to use excessive motion testing.

Marketing is "How You Want To Be Perceived in the Market"

Marketing is really easy once you know what it is. In this podcast, we look at what marketing really is.

Goals for 2021 For Your Injury Practice

On this podcast, I talk about goals that you might want to achieve for 2021 in your injury practice.

The Disc and the Non-Disc Spinal Ligament Injury Specialist

The true spinal injury specialist needs to understand both the disc and the non-disc spinal ligament injuries.

Let me hit you with a research paper in Deposition

What happens when the unsuspected research paper is proposed by the defense attorney in deposition or trial?

Deposition Question "How is your business structured"

In this episode, we will deal with the question of how is your business structured when asked in deposition, or in the trial.

Depositions "What is your business relationship"

In this episode, we will deal with the question of your business relationships when in a deposition.