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Can You Be the Only Show in Town

This episode is about, can you be the only show in town?

Attorneys are NOT Doctors

In this episode, I will discuss the negative effect that attorneys can have on patient care.

You Have to Do Excessive Motion Testing for Spinal Injuries

This podcast focuses on the fact that you have to do a spinal intersegmental excessive motion test in order to truly understand just how bad patient's spinal injuries really are?

Chiropractic Colleges Lack Good Spinal Injury Education

Spinal Injuries are the most common cause of chronic pain in the US, yet not one chiropractic college adequately prepares its students to accurately determine the severity and location of the most common injury; the spinal ligament injury. That needs to change.

Why as a Chiropractor You Need More Medical Doctors

In this episode I explain why as a Chiropractor you need more medical doctors.

Three Steps to Better Attorney Referral Relationships

In this episode I explain three steps to better attorney referral relationships.

Three Tips for Better Attorney Referral Meetings

This podcast will show you Three Tips For Better Attorney Referral Meetings.

Why Chiropractors and SmartInjuryDoctors Need to Utilize Guidelines

This podcast will show you Why Chiropractors and SmartInjuryDoctors Need To Utilize Guidelines.

Injury & Pandemic Mismanagement

This podcast will show you how Injury & Pandemic Mismanagement has occurred.

Choose Wisely Guidelines Have Major Problems

This podcast will show how to Choose Wisely Guidelines Have Major Problems.

Technology Will Solve Chronic Pain

Listen to this program to see how technology will solve chronic pain.

Market Your Way Through a Recession

Market your way through any recession or a down economy.

Using Videos in Your Injury Marketing

Using videos in your injury practice marketing is a must!

Doctors Where Should You Spend Your Money

You have to set your priorities right when it comes to spending your money.

Competency Leads to Patient Prediction

Competency allows the doctor to know a lot of things before the patient every experiences them.

Explaining CRMA Spinal Ligament Injury Testing to Your Patients

You want better compliance, better treatment results, and more referrals than listen to this podcast.

Basic Spinal Injury Recommendations to Enhance Patient Results

These are the things that you can have your injury patients do to improve their results.

Building a Smart Spinal Injury Practice in 2020

Building a spinal injury practice in 202 will have unique challenges.

As a SmartInjuryDoctor You Can Dominate the Headache Resolution Space

Why you as a SmartInjuryDoctor can dominate and become your area's solution to the headache epidemic.

The Patient Consultation Is Key in a Personal Injury Practice

The patient consultation importance should never be overlooked and here is why.